Mission Statement

Central and Eastern European Association for the Study of Barrett’s Esophagus (CEABE) is a professional, nonprofit organization founded with the mission of improving awareness, diagnostics, treatment, training and research in the field of Barrett’s Esophagus, by developing and improving collaboration and expertise exchange amongst the dedicated physicians, basic scientists, other health professionals and members of related industries in Central and Eastern Europe.

CEABE is an organization of individual members and delegate pathologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists and surgeons in practice and training, dedicated to provide an environment for collegial relationships, source of knowledge and mobility programs for trainees, space for scientific publishing, and initiatives for international cooperation programs in the Europe and the World.

CEABE is committed to provide an exceedingly specialized environment for development and promotion of the highest quality of treatment and care to benefit the public welfare of the Central and Eastern Europe.

Vision Statement

To become the organization looked to as the leader in development and dissemination of information and to implement sustainable programs that improve access of the knowledge of adequate diagnosis and treatment for patients with Barrett’s esophagus in Central and Eastern Europe